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Can you recommend a code editor? Pages that link to <a href="https://ozoneasylum.com/backlink?for=5570" title="Pages that link to Can you recommend a code editor?" rel="nofollow" >Can you recommend a code editor?\

For 'general webdesign work'and diverse coding jobs, the inmates use a wide range of editors, from Notepad via DreamWeaver to emacs to their own homecooked variants - see the following resources for some examples:

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JEdit 4.2 Written in Java (so it runs on anything with Java 5, from Linux to Windows to BeOS), has a built-in macro & plugin architecture, plugin downloader/manager, auto indent, syntax highlighting, code folding, multiple file buffer, multiple file display with window splitting (handy). Working across platforms, I like working with JEdit because I can get that homey, custom feel on any OS.

nPad - nPad2 is a simple notepad-like source viewer and editor with support for syntax highlighting (HTML, PHP, ASP, C++, Object Pascal, Java, Basic). It is mostly intended as a notepad replacement, source code viewer or as a portable editor for small projects. In addition to the syntax highlighting, it also offers line numbers, special character display, search/replace and supports drag and drop. I just love working on this and just at 318KB this is a steal.

MAX's HTML Beauty++ ME - a free and powerful code editor from one of our most respected inmates. (Allegedly written in delphi)
MAX's HTML Beauty++ 2004 - updated and better than ever!

metapad - freeware - it's Notepad, but with a few add-ons, like line numbers, stay-on-top option etc. Has alpha transparency support too, for those times when you need a transparent text editor.

weaverslave - german/free

Crimson editor - this is a very clean editor and doesn't clutter my desktop. It also understands colorcoding for a lot of languages (freeware).

textpad - Excellent compact program, lots of features to adapt to any coding language. Customizable formatting and syntax hihglighting for any language, customizable clip libraries, and a huge collection of user created add-ons.


EditPlus - It color-codes every thing I need (HTML, CSS, PHP) and if it doesn't natively support what you're trying to do you can download modules that other people have created to help color-code almost any platform.

SciTE - this fabolus open source editor is used by Tyberius Prime when he doesn't need all the capabilites of emacs... say for obscure scripting languages, apache configuration files, or basically anything that needs syntax highlighting. Also has linebreak conversion, seldom found on windows. Works under windows and linux.

html-kit Free and easy to use, is able to "spellcheck" html. Some tools are onboard to make shure you develop clean html. Also usable for other things as html. (edit by PT: What's more, this editor has a TON of options to match however you work, and handles embedded scripting languages quite well. I've worked with Dreamweaver, HomeSite, emacs, JEdit, BBEdit, and I like HTML-kit better than any of 'em. Even has an integrated FTP client if you're into that.)

WinSyntax - Free, and a joy to use...great for PHP coders, includes a way to link straight to the PHP manual from the document window by pressing F1 over highlighted function names.


PHPEdit - An IDE for PHP development, nice for work together with:

PHPDev - PHPDev not a text editor, it's a premade bundle of everything you need for getting a server with PHP and PERL running on Windows, including Apache, MySQL, PERL, PHP and more...

PHPEclipse - A plugin for the extremely popular Eclipse Java IDE, PHPEclipse is an attempt to bring the power of Eclipse and integrated development to PHP.

And for all Apple users i recommend:




There are even some browserbased wysiwyg editors which work on every system. And which can be incorporated into you site so people can easily edit the site or parts from it.

Xstandard for xhtml1.1 strict code.

htmlArea - Turn any <textarea> into a WYSIWYG editor


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