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There isn't really any general advice that we can give you on making sigs as there as many ways to create a sig as there are ways to create any graphic. Use your imagination and your artistic skills and keep the height down and don't make the file size too big (think of the people with dialup connections).

If you want great examples of sigs then check out the sig repositories below (they make excellent use of the Asylum colours and usually keep dimensions and file sizes down) or the previous winners of the sig contest below:

Relevant links:

Psygnosis - Weadah's awesome work. (his web site is occasionally up and down until he returns to deal with it properly and if that link doesn't work there is a selection at deviantArt)

Signatures - mahjqa incredible collection.

Syggage - eyezaer's excellent pieces.

Signs dò grumble Grumble's signatures.

siggies by mas

Sigs silence's signatures.

SIGS DL-44's collection of sigs.

Asylum sigs - vogonpoet's Asylum sigs page proving that he is one of our most prolific sig makers.

Asylum sigs from DarkGarden - well worth a visit

Bugimus' All Things Asylum. Sig collection and miscellaneous.

Wolfen's Sigs The infamous Guard Wolf's Poser wolves.

WarJay's About 1/2 of them and not exactly the better half.

Gilbert's Crappa Sigs - Here are my sigs

Xenon - Sigs by me

Lacuna's Sigs - Lacuna's Asylum Sig page.
Relevant FAQs:

Sig Contest and the Previous winners

What is the background colour of the Asylum?

How go I make a transparent graphic?

How do people get their sig to change when I refresh the page?

Where can I get free sig hosting?

What are the Asylum colours/fonts?

Can I use the Asylum colour scheme on a page with my Asylum sigs on it?

What's in a sig? (rules / guidelines)

Examples of Really Bad Sigs.


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