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A hearty welcome, y'all!

This is the OZONE Asylum FAQWiki, designed to create an informative and interesting FAQ on all things OZONE.

Anyone who has an account here at the OZONE Asylum can edit or post questions and answers.
Everyone else can still read everything that is already here, and registering is as easy as clicking the link at the top of this page.

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This FAQ can only be as good as you make it! If you see a typo, correct it; if a link is broken, try and fix it; if a section seems a bit thin on content, add some if you can (if you can't, search the forum - there is usually a post somewhere relating to something in here); if you feel there is a section missing, add it.

Oh, don't forget to add yourself to "Who are the inmates?".

So long,
enjoy, learn and be creative,
Tyberius Prime & team.

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