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Topic awaiting preservation: Can anyone tell me what font DL-44 is (Page 1 of 1) Pages that link to <a href="" title="Pages that link to Topic awaiting preservation: Can anyone tell me what font DL-44 is (Page 1 of 1)" rel="nofollow" >Topic awaiting preservation: Can anyone tell me what font DL-44 is <span class="small">(Page 1 of 1)</span>\

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posted posted 12-18-2003 07:17

the one on the syktaffy tutorial. I love that font and would greatly appreciate knowing.

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posted posted 12-18-2003 11:49

Hi and welcome teddy89, If this is no help I'm sure someone else will be along shortly
I've just checked the page that I think you are making reference to. Is this it HERE?
I strongly suspect that whatever the font used was, it had been modified somewhat, perhaps by expanding the selection by a pixel or two.
I have just checked a few fonts and a close match was "Broadway BT". The method I used to alter the font was.
ControlClick the font layer to make a selection, make a new layer, them Modify>Expand (1 or 2 pixels), then fill with the colour of your choice.
All you need to do now is follow the tutorial to get it looking like DL-44's.

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posted posted 12-18-2003 12:02

teddy89: Welcome. As far as I can tell he isn't actually a font

Anyway there is a section in the FAQ on the Hands On tutorials:

:FAQ: Hand on tutorial FAQs

there is a big zip and a Sky Taffy FAQ with a link to the original Sky Taffy tutuorial discussion.


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posted posted 12-18-2003 14:55


almost forgot about this thing =)

quote from the original threa -

For the original version (the header pic) I used the FLEXURE font, and at the very end, just linked my layers and did a "free transform" to scrunch it all down a little. For the example picks I used a pure unadulterated BEESKNESS ITC font.

If I recall (that was a long time ago....), both were taken from one of the many free font sites, so should be easy enough to find online.

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