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RN3 recently resurrected an older thread in the Philosophy forum and posted a "villian" personality quiz. I took it, and suddenly got an idea. These personality quizzes get posted a lot around here, so I thought it would be fun to collect my results for the various quizzes. It might also give people a better idea of who I am (or who I think I am). I'll start with the "villian" quiz and post more as I dig them up.

The Villian Quiz

I kind of like the result for this one. I think it fits. At least my friends would think it fits...

Matt's Star Wars Personality Test

When I first took this test, I came out as Emperor Palpatine. I realized, however, that this could not be possible, so I carefully reconsidered my answers and took the test again. Yes, I am Luke Skywalker. Apparently the "whiny farmboy" Luke, not the "powerful Jedi" Luke, which kind of sucks. Oh well.

Emperor: I'm glad to see you reconsidered - I think more people should have a look at the lies they entered into the test.

Which Pulp Fiction Character Are You?

Yup, that's me, gettin' Biblical

How Jedi are You?

I gotta admit, this was a pretty easy test to rig. But the quotes on these things are hysterical.

Which Willy Wonka character are you?

I'm one of the movies few nice characters. I'm compassionate, caring, and not selfish or greedy. I am Charlie Bucket!

My fate: I inherit the factory and all of the Oompa Loompas from Mr. Wonka. And live happily ever after.

Never saw the movie, so I really have no idea what this means. Doesn't sound too bad, though.

Which lesser-known Simpsons character are you?

Yup, when the cameras go off... *sigh*

Which cartoon dog are you?

There are definitely some unsettling similarities between this one and the Simpsons one...

What Spooky Being are You?

Well, I am curious and I do love to investigate things, and I do love learning. I usually don't have bad luck with electronic devices, but lately my Internet connection has been acting very funny... Spooky. *shudders*

What were you in a past life?

That last sentence up there got me thinking... I do actually listen to my heart quite a bit--in fact, I wouldn't be where I was if I didn't listen to my heart! I guess that's why these are silly little personality tests...

What Obscure Animal are You?

This test and the two above it come from the same site, and I'm going to attribute the similarities between this one and the "spooky beings" one to the fact that the same person wrote these tests. Either that or it's just the law of silly little personality test probability coming into play: if you take enough silly little personality tests, patterns will eventually begin to emerge. Frightening.

What OS are you?

This is from BBSpot, which is a rather funny site. I really liked this test because the questions themselves had nothing to do with operating systems. In other words, the test tried to figure out your personality from a series of general questions and then matched that personality with an OS. This is the what makes these tests fun, I think. I just can't stand the tests (like the Jedi one) that ask questions directly related to the subject because they are so easy to rig, and where's the fun in that.

I can't believe I'm ranting about Silly Little Personality Tests. I've finally gone off the deep end...

What Matrix persona are you

You are Neo, from "The Matrix." You display a perfect fusion of heroism and compassion.

Neo seems to be the most common result for this quiz...

All I have to say is... Emps is fast on the draw...

Other inspired inmates

I was strolling through the FAQ today when I discovered that Lord_Fukutoku has decided to start his own personality tests page. I wish him the best of luck in his quest to discover his true nature. :-)

Relevant FAQs:

Do you know of any silly little personality tests online?


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