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Is WebShaman really Ray Liotta? Pages that link to <a href="https://ozoneasylum.com/backlink?for=5327" title="Pages that link to Is WebShaman really Ray Liotta?" rel="nofollow" >Is WebShaman really Ray Liotta?\

You be the judge...

As you can clearly see in this side by side photo... there is little to no doubt that our very own WebShaman is infact, Ray Liotta.

Fellow imates, lunatics, and maniacs lend me your ears.....
The proof is all around you. Utilize your resources... and this is what you shall find...
Well known films have brought him his popularity..... witness..... here and here. Still don't believe?
Here we see him in a well known television show..... but not so well known of a role. Yes, folks.... he was cast as "Face" for the A-Team prior to season 3. Unfortunately for him, (and fortunately for us) ... they canned him before the season actually kicked off. This is the only known photo that links him to that television show.
Here he is.... rubbin' elbows with political figures of our time.
He can be a tricky bastard... but our photographers have been relentless and we've managed these to extremely rare photographs....
Here he can be seen partying it up with a few members of the Asylum.
And for this next photo.... (brace yourself)... here he is last Halloween.
We've caught him exposing himself as WebShaman on a few websites as well..... observe.

And standby.... there's certainly more to come...

For those of you interested in Making your very own RAY! ... brush up on your skills with this handy dandy tutorial made by Michael.

NEWS! Looks like old Webby has been putting on the pounds lately. Maybe we should start up a collection for a Thighmaster?

-And just incase you missed it, Ray revealed himself again here in the faq icon creation thread.... this time in a sig.

And on that final note... I think it's safe to say that the 'Ray' has run its course...
I'm retiring from the 'Ray' business.
WebShaman has endured a lot through our 'fun' with this whole thing....... but eh... a joke that runs on for multiple years can get a little absurd.

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