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How do I make my animated gif's background transparent? Pages that link to <a href="https://ozoneasylum.com/backlink?for=5208" title="Pages that link to How do I make my animated gif&amp;#039;s background transparent?" rel="nofollow" >How do I make my animated gif&#039;s background transparent?\

Advice from mahjqa from this thread:

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to get it transparent you'll have to load the *.gif animation (NOT the *.psd!) in imageready. The image will have a layer for each frame. Now switch to photoshop. Use the eyedropper tool to grab the background color, and click [select>color range]. set the tolerance to 0%, which means only the exact color of the eyedropper will be selected. Now press delete, and the background will be transparent. Repeat for every layer (every frame) You might want to make an action for this to speed things up (for actions: RTFM) when you're done, go back to imageready. Now, select all of the frames of the animation. Rightclick, and a selection menu will appear.

Make sure to set it to automatic.

check it in imageready and click [save>save optimized] again to save the animation with transparency. If you close this document, photoshop will ask you again if you want to save. If you click yes, PS will save the layered animation in a *.psd file.

Skaarjj: You can also do this kind of thing with the magic wand. Set it parameters thus: Turn off Contiguous (this makes it select all pixelsof that colour, not just pixels adjacent to each other), turn off anti-aliased, set tolerance to zero. Click on a patch of your colour. Et Voila!

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