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|----- Quotes From People Who Live In The Asylum -----|
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"You know Das, watching you is encouraging and demoralizing all at the same time." ->silence

"yeah, my days are just fountains of free time" ->twItch^

"~cough~" ->twItch^

"why do you post like these? or My teahcer just showed me my freaking Math result." ->Yannah

"Spiritual power exists and it is not necessary to believe in a Supreme Creator to have access to that power. It is part of us, the same as our eyes." ->Gilbert Nolander

"The chicken is only a figment of your imagination. There is no chicken. And there is no road." ->Lord_Fukutoku

"A severe case of rectal-cranium inversion" ->WebShaman

"Is that a spiritual force in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?" ->Suho1004

"Seems to me that we as a race have come absolutely fucking nowhere since who knows how long" ->tomeaglescz

"I might see the root of her thoughts, or the process she worked out...but I can't honestly understand it because I'm not behind her eyes, her life." ->DarkGarden

"I think a lot of problems the world has would just go away if people weren't so dang uptight..." ->bodhi23

"We were cloned once. We didn't care for it." ->St. Seneca

"Stupid people breed much faster and in higher quantity than smart people." ->genis

"If on the off-chance that the Bible is real, well I'll happily burn in Hell." ->St. Seneca

"if we just make stupidity a capital offense, the world would be a better, and less crowded place." -> reitsma
(TP: but it is! And the only automatically leathal one as well! )

"You may be able to explain many of the things that cause *you* to believe that there is a god, but you cannot prove it's existence." ->DL-44

"If there is a hell, reality is what it is." -> InSiDeR

"It is my goal to be as Christ-like during my time here on earth as I can. " ->Bugimus

"Ask any bigot why they hate other races and you'll get a very dissatisfying answer that usually resembles something like 'well, I don't know, I just DO!'" ->krets

"I see "God" as the energy of creation with many different faces." ->GrythusDraconis

"God is getting smaller...hehe..." ->WebShaman

"The problem with true pacificism is that it relies on everyone being good sports or it relies on someone else being prepared to wield the big stick." ->Emperor

"Its seems some Christians want to dictate the way God should come to them, rather than accept the way he chooses to come to them." ->jade

"There are some things that we simply cannot comprehend and trying to fully comprehend something that can only be done in part can lead to great consternation." ->Bugimus

"I have problems with God too. That cheap bastard owes me money." ->Satan

"Don�t get me wrong...religions do give a lot of positive values to society....cause majority of humans are stupid....but overall they are lame excuses to something unexplainable." ->Ruski

"well, if god did manifest as a human, what's to stop him from manifesting as a fish?" ->velvetrose

"Everyone's opinion is 'shaped' by the information available to them. Some people's information is better than others..." ->DL-44

"the universe looks like the surface of my large intestine." ->Bugimus

"we humans have to work hard at maintaining the evolutionary glass ceiling we have in place." ->Emperor

"How can we expect to cope with WMD if we can't even deal with dangers in our backyard?" ->MindBender

"I can hardly claim to understand an all-powerful omnipotent God's ways of reasoning, decision-making, etc., with my limited human mindset. to do so is simply arrogant." ->Fig

"when I was a teenager, I used to wear a wraparound skirt..." ->DL-44

"I haven't said anything quotable? Aw, somebody quote me. C'mon! Quote me! Somebody quote meeee...! Ah, hell, I'll just do it myself." ->Wes

"If my life really is a simulation, I think there's something wrong with the Sex Life subroutine." ->Wes =)

"I allways had that feeling that I am able to re-program the world." ->zoran

"Science is a luxury which blinds us to the truth that this world is made of many more things that simply matter..." ->rawbot69

"in the day to day life do you choose the solution of a problem by it's simplicity, or by it's accuracy?" ->Moon Shadow

"bleh.. nevermind." ->Michael

"Emperor, now that I think about you I imagine an albinos rabbit that has... orange eyes on a black background" ->Moon Shadow

"Of all the things I've said here at the Asylum, I can't believe you chose that as my representative quote..." ->Suho1004
{LOL - I will find some others, Suho. - GN}

"I'm confused. But that's getting to be par for the course these days." ->Suho1004 =)

"Violent emotions of any sort can be twisted into something useful in your life, they're a source of power." ->DocOzone

"unfortunatly girls and programming language don't have a lot in common." ->Tyberius Prime

"People just need to understand that having freedom isn't the same thing as having a lawless society. To be free rules need to be established. " ->Jestah

"the very basis of science is the acceptance of the fact that everything you know as fact may change tomorrow." ->Skaarjj

"we create our own future by the way we imagine it." ->Slime

"As for opinions...well, they are like grains of sand on the beach...but they do serve a rather nice purpose...otherwise, we wouldn't have anything to discuss..." ->WebShaman

"All we have is now and we should all make now as good as we can." ->MindBender

"Unfortunately, humanity has shown that it's very short on common sense." ->Suho1004

"The reason we are the crown of creation is not just because of our physical abilities but of our cognitive abilities which in turn allow us to connect with transcendent powers." ->Bugimus

"God does not care what kind of mask you wear, only what is underneath it." ->Gilbert Nolander

"Ahhhhhh I'm a Rampant Bull Jelly man everytime" ->Emperor
(In reference to something about black rhino penis powder and impotence.)

"... a sig is something that is personalized, made of your own and tells us about you. That is why we do advocate learning from others artistically, but yet being able to do the work for your own pride." ->Wolfen

"If there is free will, how can fate exist then?" ->Ruski

"when you think about the ridiculous vastness of time, it almost seems silly to think that God has only ever and will only ever create one world." ->Suho1004

"Ahh, I found out what "tentacle porn" is.. and frankly I am shocked at you Suho..." ->Xpirex

"It's the mob mentality, and the follow-the-leader orientation of humanity that is the real evil, and the basic animal instinct that says 'if the whole is well off, the individual is well off' that leads to much of the good in the world." ->DL-44

"Religion is a tool, nothing more, nothing less. How that tool is used dictates whether or not Bad or Good is done. " ->Moon Shadow

"well... if you were just looking for people to blow sunshine up your bum you probably shouldn't have posted." ->Lacuna

"I don't believe in God because... I don't need to." ->Dufty

"Those who positively claim the existence or non-existence of gods or of a god are behaving irrationally." ->Metahuman

"Im not sure about this God/gods stuff....But if there is something to it, I just hope He/She/They believe in me." ->Norm

"I understand that religion (regardless of which faith) do help a lot of people in life as spreading of wise teachings, but it also lead people to take mythical doctrines literally and turn them blind from science, as well common sense" ->Ruski

"God is one big giant magnet and we are tiny mirco magnets that gravitate to him as we grow in faith and when we live the gospel we latch on to the magnet & melt into it and become one with it." ->jade

"I feel that some confusion is bound to arise in our lives when we try to limit (by definitions) the limitless." ->Taobaybee

"Somethingleet is like a large herd of dancing elephants with diarrhea. Large, unweildly, and the source of amazing amounts of excrement at unexpected moments." ->Skaarjj
There ya go...what do you think of that? ->Skaarjj

"I very firmly believe that we define ourselves, essentially creating ourselves by doing so." ->Norm

"Perhaps I could say that the *present* is the only single truth. Everything outside of this is distorted and relative, making truth irrelevant." ->Cameron

"Bottom line here is that there are always plenty of reasons not to believe, just like there are plenty of reasons to be grumpy, or mean, or just plain jaded by life. Some of us, however, prefer to keep a sense of wonder because of the joy and happiness it brings to ourselves and to others." ->norm

"there is too much aggression, people pouncing down others throats at the slightest whim. It seems to me to be some sort of power stuggle between people to see who can be the most assertive in justifying their own beliefs and existance." ->kromaZ

"when you have sex you may get pregnant. if you're not ready to deal with the consequences then don't undertake the responsibility." ->Fig

"And we all love stiff nipples and Money." ->DarkGarden

"It's a foolish man who assumes the rest of the world is to blame for his confusion." ->DarkGarden

"I am no Whore, mister. I'm... Oh...no wait....Yeah...right. Sorry. Carry on." ->DarkGarden

"Life is like a box of chocolate. You never know what you are going to get. In your case you are getting a box of active grenades!" ->The Black Hat

"Some day I'll come up with a really great quote--of course I'll be too f***ing dumb to jot it down, though." ->tntcheats

"I just feel like quality dirt if I don't stay standard." ->zavaboy

"When you accept a truth you also except that everything contrary is false. This is something that is very dangerous." ->WarMage

"...endless nights muddling my way around php.net helped me get it up." ->Wes

"...religious traditions are man-made creations - regardless of the truth of the spiritual energy behind them" ->bodhi23


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