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bo·dhi·satt·va ( P ) Pronunciation Key (bd-stv)
n. Buddhism
An enlightened being who, out of compassion, forgoes nirvana in order to save others.
{Sanskrit bodhisattva, one whose essence is enlightenment : bodhi, perfect knowledge; see bheudh- in Indo-European Roots + sattvam, essence, being (from sat-, existing. See es- in Indo-European Roots).}

Welcome to Cell #5143! My home away from home here at the Asylum!

Thanks for dropping by! Please, make yourself comfortable (that comfy chair over there is a good place to sit), may I offer you a beverage of your choice? I prefer Guinness, but they keep the mini-fridges well stocked... Let me tell you a little about myself.

I'm an artist, and designer-in-training... Apart from the computer, I like to read lots and lots of fiction (fantasy/sci fi...) but also have a passion for anthropology, religious studies and metaphysics, so I read a lot of that stuff too. I have a husband, James, and 2 big fat spoiled rotten kitty-kats, Mandrake, who is a 15lb tuxedo cat, and Zephyrus, who is about 11lbs of Siamese "personality"... no kids please. Recently we added a rescue pup to our happy family - she is Red-nosed American Pitt Bull Terrier on her mother's side, and whoever her father was, he climbed a 6 foot fence to get to mom! Her name is Mae and she's big and clumsy and full of energy but is truly the sweetest animal I've ever met... Life sure has been different. I work for UNC Greensboro, but would like one day to make money doing graphics and designing, which I actually really like. Not that this is a bad job, just not what I ultimately want to spend my life doing.

In pursuit of the above goal, I have stumbled into the Asylum, a haven for loonies like me. What a unique community!

Since settling into the Asylum, I have been working on developing my first website on behalf of my sister, Ann Beckett, who is an illustrator and a sculptor of minature art work currently out of Casselmagiore, Italy. Check out the site at Ann Beckett Studios! If you are interested in a commission, or, if you just want to compliment her artwork, please email her! I'm still learning, and on a part time basis, so I'm open to all kinds of new ideas! Over the next year I plan on restructuring the entire site, so any and all constructive criticisms and/or compliments are welcome - feel free to email me if you want to review the site. I can be reached through the Webmaster address on Ann's site, or at the address in my patient file: ->bodhi23.

My nick was given to me in college by a very dear friend. He was always going on about my generous nature and how I reminded him of the meaning of the word: "Bodhisattva". Whether I deserved the appellation at the time, or even now, I liked the name... when I first got "connected", I needed a username, and that was the one that seemed most appealing. "Bodhi" was already taken at the time, so I slapped a "23" on the end of it and that was that!

Recently, our good buddy Emps brought the following Beastie Boys track to my attention. (Figures - it's on the one album I don't have!)

Bodhisattva Vow (The Beastie Boys: Ill Communication)
As I Develop The Awakening Mind I Praise The Buddha As They Shine
I Bow Before You As I Travel My Path To Join Your Ranks,
I Make My Full Time Task
For The Sake Of All Beings I Seek
The Enlighted Mind That I Know I'll Reap
Respect To Shantideva And All The Others
Who Brought Down The Darma For Sisters And Brothers
I Give Thanks For This World As A Place To Learn
And For This Human Body That I Know I've Earned
And My Deepest Thanks To All Sentient Beings
For Without Them There Would Be No Place To Learn What I'm Seeing
There's Nothing Here That's Not Been Said Before
But I Put It Down Now So I'll Be Sure
To Solidify My Own Views And I'll Be Glad If It Helps
Anyone Else Out Too

If Others Disrespect Me Or Give Me Flack
I'll Stop And Think Before I React
Knowing That They're Going Through Insecure Stages
I'll Take The Opportunity To Exercise Patience
I'll See It As A Chance To Help The Other Person
Nip It In The Bud Before It Can Worsen
A Change For Me To Be Strong And Sure
As I Think On The Buddhas Who Have Come Before
As I Praise And Respect The Good They've Done
Knowing Only Love Can Conquer In Every Situation
We Need Other People In Order To Create
The Circumstances For The Learning That We're Here To Generate
Situations That Bring Up Our Deepest Fears
So We Can Work To Release Them Until They're Cleared
Therefore, It Only Makes Sense
To Thank Our Enemies Despite Their Intent

The Bodhisattva Path Is One Of Power And Strength
A Strength From Within To Go The Length
Seeing Others Are As Important As Myself
I Strive For A Happiness Of Mental Wealth
With The Interconnectedness That We Share As One
Every Action That We Take Affects Everyone
So In Deciding For What A Situation Calls
There Is A Path For The Good For All
I Try To Make My Every Action For That Highest Good
With The Altruistic Wish To Achive Buddhahood
So I Pledge Here Before Everyone Who's Listening
To Try To Make My Every Action For The Good Of All Beings
For The Rest Of My Lifetimes And Even Beyond
I Vow To Do My Best To Do No Harm
And In Times Of Doubt I Can Think On The Dharma
And The Enlightened Ones Who've Graduated Samsara

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