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Why do I have to use the &lt;OBJECT> and &lt;EMBED> tags? Pages that link to <a href="https://ozoneasylum.com/backlink?for=5099" title="Pages that link to Why do I have to use the &amp;amp;lt;OBJECT&amp;gt; and &amp;amp;lt;EMBED&amp;gt; tags?" rel="nofollow" >Why do I have to use the &amp;lt;OBJECT&gt; and &amp;lt;EMBED&gt; tags?\

<EMBED> was the older way of doing things but <OBJECT> is now the W3C approved way of doing things - see:


As of IE5.5/Win Microsoft also made the browser fully reliant on its ActiveX technology which relies on being called from the <OBJECT> tag. Windows users may need to download the latest version of DirectX (version 8.1 comes as standard with WinXP though):


The reason that the <OBJECT> tag is wrapped around the <EMBED> tag is so that we get full cross-browser and cross-platform support - if the browser supports <OBJECT> it will run the movie and ignore the <EMBED> and the other browsers will skip straight to <EMBED> information.

You should check the relevant information for the respective application for the exact code (as this is critically important).

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Relevant note:

As of writing this FAQ is number 2 at Google in the search for the terms embed, realplayer, movie.


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