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General advice for starting threads Pages that link to <a href="https://ozoneasylum.com/backlink?for=4862" title="Pages that link to General advice for starting threads" rel="nofollow" >General advice for starting threads\

Lets see:

1. Make the subject/title descriptive.

2. Make it clear if you are posting spoilers of a film or book.

3. Keep your question as concise as possible.

4. We prefer links to graphics and sites rather than just dumping the code or a huge image into the forum.

5. Try to avoid attitudes.

6. Take the comments/critiques/replies with good grace and a sense of humour.

7. We have a good proprotion of young people (quite a few aged 14-15), women and people from various religious and ethnic backgrounds so if you are linking to sites which might have a strong, adult content (remember linking to porn is a not allowed at all) then please bear in mind that you may be offending people and so if you do choose to post please make sure it is clear what you are linking to (don\'t just drop an ambiguously titled link into a thread).

8. Have a quick search on Google first to see if the problem has a readily available solution.

9. Check this FAQ - use the search feature if you don\'t know where the question might be located.

10. Share where you are up to by showing us the web page, code or image (also see point 4) and a link to any tutorials you were following.

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Know the enemy (and if you know the enemy you can avoid coming over as one - the links below aren\'t guides to behaviour they are guides on how not to behave they are also provided for comedy value):

The (Quite Small) Lexicon of Usenet Trolls - find out the cagteories of trolls that exist.

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KLB - don\'t become one of these follow the instructions above!!

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I asked a question about a JavaScript problem in the DHTML forum, but no one is replying. How can I get people to help me?


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