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What domains does DocOzone own? Pages that link to <a href="https://ozoneasylum.com/backlink?for=4854" title="Pages that link to What domains does DocOzone own?" rel="nofollow" >What domains does DocOzone own?\

Way too many of them, I'll tell you that! Here's the list, from my little book of passwords and urls...

 • http://www.ozones.com/ <- the primary website
 • http://www.ozones.tk/ <- Mirror of same.
 • http://www.bugtown.com/ <- the primary email
 • http://www.docozone.com/ <- my home network
 • http://www.handson.nu/ <- the tutorials pages
 • http://www.gurusnetwork.com/ <- donated to the Gurus
 • http://www.primalcontent.com/ <- my company
 • http://www.primicon.com/ <- also my company
 • http://www.ozonicLabs.com/ <- my dream

 • http://www.labs.tk/ <- Mirror to my dream (cool name!)

 • http://www.defaultcity.com/ <- "just another portal"
 • http://www.changeminds.com/ <- A playsite for Malin and me.
 • http://www.depicta.com/ <- I own this by accident.
 • http://www.littlebreak.com/ <- A million dollar idea!
 • http://www.primalshape.com/ <- Eventually, a home for PSD shapes. My cams live here now.
 • http://www.bigbonfire.com/ <- A bad joke.
 • http://www.camgurus.com/ <- Another dream
 • http://www.pspong.com/ <- Another dream, hosted by Pugzly.
 • http://www.Znippets.com/ <- DHTML code snippets
 • http://www.Zniplets.com/ <- Mirror of above, just in case
 • http://www.fragilespace.com/ <- yet another dream. Big thanks to DL-44 for reacting to this phrase.
 • http://www.ozoneasylum.com/ <- This domain!

 • (Did I forget any? Probably...

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(Edited by: DocOzone on Mon 20-May-2002)

(Edited by: DocOzone on Mon 20-May-2002)

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