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Dracusis is a coffee deprived virtual swamp bear floating through cyberspace.

Been hang`n round since April 2001. I jumped in headfirst and hit the shallow end of the Site Reviews forum. That was fun.

Upon my first return to the asylum to see how many pieces my site was now in I thought it was good idea to take on twitch in a battle of words over web standards. Boy was that a really bad idea. Although after being forced to eat my words I managed to settle in nicely and wear my straight jacket with pride.

To me, the Asylum is the ultimate coffee shop. All your buddies are there, the coffee is perfect, the chairs are comfy, the air is electric and the conversation is engaging.

I'm in love with this place, it's creator, Doc Ozone, and so many of the people here. If I had a home on the web, this would be it, hands down. Here I've found friends, like minded people and a feeling of belonging to something greater than myself. Here I feel immortal.

- Drac recently got caught stealing the Asylum coffee machine by DmS. I'll put it back soon. I swear!

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(Added by: Dracusis on Sun 19-May-2002)

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