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Tyberius Prime... aeh, one of the 'not english-anymore, but more a tender medium' inmates,
but then, a regular, I guess.
Happens that this Faq is not only his brainchild,
but also the child of his weary fingers... ie. he wrote
all the code, stole the design from Doc Ozone and established
the first few topics.

View his pictures at his Archive, which, one day, will move to his main site Coonabibba.de
whenever he finds a sufficent enough topic for it... (meaning: after the real-time-lord-of-the-rings-movie-after-we're-all-immortal-take)

so long Tyberius Prime

Ps: Am I the only one that is finding it ironic that the guy who designed this wiki get's the page with the id 69?

PPs: I am not available for exotic dancing, although you could hire me for some ski lessions (-> you pay for the ski holidy and I show you how to not break your bones. special rate if you never skied before and allow me to videotape the whole shennanigan)

Below you might leave a message for me, if you want... I check from time to time...

(Edited by: Tyberius Prime on Fri 17-May-2002)

Really nice work TP. Personally I think this will be one of the most important developments in the Asylum - I've always felt we needed a FAQ and this is more than i could have wished for. Its going to be interesting, fun, chaos, etc.

As he won't promote himself so I'll add that you can hire TP for web-related work (and pos. exotic dancing) via this link:

Tyberius Prime

(Edited by: Tyberius Prime on Mon 07-Apr-2003)

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