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[Note: I am currently on walkabout leave getting my perspective back.]

Hi I'm the Emperor (real name Dan but there are so many of us here Emperor is simplest and there is already an inmate called Dan!!). I wear a number of hats (metaphorically) but I make ends meet by teaching introductory computers and web design (I've taught at a couple of Universities at all levels from first years to postgrads).

Here in the Asylum I help moderate the Site Reviews section which is always interesting.

I'm also an associate over at the Gurus Network and am currently overseeing the redesign. For more details see:

Emperor: Gurus Network associate page

You can now find me at my homepage (I'm still working on it and this is partly as a test of the Asylum Effect):

The Emperor dot org

I've also helped co-ordinate to the Justice For Pat Richard Campaign which is worth everyone visiting .

Contact details:


What he doesn't mention is that without him this faq wouldn't contain very much... --Tyberius Prime

Ahhhhhhhh shucks - it would have been nothing without you


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