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As the cell door opened, the man inside greeted you. His tone, though casual, had in it a peculiar note, like... Like a hint of madness. He sat in a clean white straitjacket, a sharp contrast to the mattress walls around him, which were caked in a thin layer of dust. There were several odd depictions scrawled upon these walls, scribbled in what looked to be permanent marker ink -- odd, considering that the inmate inhabiting the cell was kept bound for most of the day.

The inmate. He lifted his head up, to look his new visitor in the eye, and said...

"Thought I'd redo my cell, a bit."


So, I just joined. Found this forum while looking for examples of 3D work done using the HTML CANVAS element -- I have an account ondeviantART and I was posting about some experimenting I've been doing with 3D in a Canvas lately, and thought some examples would be good. Saw some interesting code here, thought I'd join.

So I'm a highschool student. Good with computers, and I code web pages for a hobby; I'm best at JavaScript, so usually when I code something it's a JavaScript project like a userscript or a Firefox extension. I particularly enjoy experimenting with new or interesting things that can be done with JavaScript (like 3D in Canvas elements) -- it's pretty much my favourite programming language (and the only one I know that actually does things!) so when I see some interesting new (or old, but unknown to me) technique, I like trying to experiment with it or even trying to improve it, if I can. I'm also overtalkative XD

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