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** Usage scenarios. A usage scenario is a description of a potential way your system is used.

This faq entry aims at providing a complete usage scenario for the Asylum, based off of our user experiences with it.
Please feel free to complete this list with relevant informations.
There are guidelines to writing such a scenario.

1) Keep it simple.

2) One source, one verb, one target for each action if possible.

3) Avoid technical terms, restrictive: the user "authenticates", we don't care if he does it using text boxes or any other method for now.
The user does not "submit a form", he posts a message, and so on.

4) Indents (here, --> should be used to suggest "alternatives".

Default usage scenario for www.ozoneasylum.com

* User enters asylum
* User reads forums descriptions
* User selects forum
* User reads threads descriptions
* User selects thread
* User reads messages
* User authenticates
* User posts message
* User reads messages
--> * User edits other user's post
--> * System rejects modification
* User edits own post
* User reads messages
* User quits asylum


I will keep updating this list depending on my own Asylum usage and spare time.
Please add your contribution, even if unsure how to do it, try to follow the guidelines at the top,
and I will reformat as needed.

(Created by _Mauro on 01-06-2006 22:47)
(Edited by _Mauro on 01-06-2006 23:00)

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