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Gilbert Nolander
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From: Washington DC
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posted posted 08-25-2003 21:34

For anyone interested in Geography, I thought you may find this interesting. I have been pretty busy with work lately, so haven't been around much. Anyway.

Science Daily - "The only way to account for these findings is if the Pacific plate was almost stationary for a time while the magma plume was moving south," says Rory Cottrell, research scientist and coauthor of the paper. "At some point about 45 million years ago, it seems that the plume stopped moving and the plate began."

This along with many other new theories are helping us remove more and more of the mythology we hold about our supposed reality.


Maniac (V) Mad Scientist with Finglongers

From: Cell 53, East Wing
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posted posted 08-25-2003 22:07

Very interesting - I once gave a talk on the Emperor Sea Mount chain (pos. before I was the Emperor) hmmmmmmmm.


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Moon Dancer
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From: The Lost Grove
Insane since: Apr 2003

posted posted 08-25-2003 22:22

Very interesting, indeed. Thanks for the article, GN!

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