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Maximum Security
New posts indicator OZONE
All things OZONE. Miscellaneous chit-chat about all sorts of silly topics. A good place to start.
1151 05-13-2016 08:10 by jacobcarl:
Any Europe based thinkgeek.com siblings?
New posts indicator DHTML/Javascript
How do you make the birds fly? How do those slider things work? DHTML and Javascript stuff should be discussed here.
297 02-15-2015 15:08 by Arthurio:
Roulette wheel physics - from a coding perspective, not as a gambler
New posts indicator Server-Side Scripting - Oh my!
CGI & Perl, PHP, Python, Java & JSP pages, SSI & XSSI, ASP, .NET, Ruby, SQL or (you choose!)
351 05-30-2016 21:06 by warjournal:
Sudoku WarJ style
New posts indicator CSS - DOM - XHTML - XML - XSL - XSLT
(formerly 'All Browsers Suck' =) There's a variety of coding issues that are neither Javascript or Server-side, where do we discuss them? Here!
1221 04-22-2016 07:29 by Suho1004:
passing variables to external css?
New posts indicator Stupid Basic HTML
Heh. We almost forget to discuss this aspect, it's easy to get lost in high-level abstractions, but this is core.
362 04-19-2016 13:14 by adolfainsley8:
target="_blank" FIXED WIDTH?
Visual Therapy
New posts indicator Photoshop
Simply *the* very best graphic program ever. Advice and questions, rants and raves, all should go here.
151 06-18-2015 09:14 by sultanmahan:
New posts indicator Photoshop Pong, Anyone?
Photoshop "Tennis" has taken off, but we thought we'd have "PS Pong" instead. Make sure you read the rules before attempting to play, cool?
19 01-14-2015 09:49 by hani118:
I Wanna Play
New posts indicator ***WARNING*** BIG SIG APPROACHING
Sig-mania! Too many sigs, too much controversy! Gotta new sig you want critiqued? This is the place.
92 03-24-2015 14:06 by Draco02:
**September 07 Sig Contest** - Make Another Inmate a Sig - Winner
New posts indicator Photography
Back in the "good old days", people made images using cameras. Cameras may have gone digital, but it's still not quite the same thing as Photoshop!
441 11-13-2015 09:12 by Tyberius Prime:
how to remove background from an image
New posts indicator 3D Modelling & Rendering
From POV-Ray to Strata 3D, from Bryce to 3D Studio Max, and why not a little bit 'o Maya?
33 04-10-2016 21:09 by ted90:
Moved on in the last years
New posts indicator Multimedia/Animation
Flash, Shockwave, Premiere, streaming media of all types, up to high-end video compositing. Have fun!
487 03-27-2015 15:09 by Metora06:
Flash buttons too slow???
New posts indicator Print Graphics
There's more to life than web graphics! Creating images for print has it's own unique problems, we'll discuss them here.
18 03-16-2015 10:01 by thomosgee1:
Convert Process colors to spot colors... Please help.
Holding Pens
New posts indicator Philosophy and other Silliness
What is reality? What are morals and ethics? Is there a Dog? Who really *is* on first? We're deep. You be deep too.
209 09-23-2015 15:36 by warjournal:
I am pretty much back
New posts indicator Outpatient Counseling
Ack! I've got a client, how do I handle it, what are contracts, how much do I charge? Get help or give it here.
270 05-22-2016 08:04 by mobileappdevelopmentusa:
freelancing? job via web?
New posts indicator Site reviews!
Got new website you'd like reviewed? Post the URL here, maybe we'll talk about it!
888 12-27-2015 11:56 by guven:
Golden Berries
New posts indicator Mad Scientists' Laboratory
The Mad Scientists have big, secret plans to discuss! Shoo now! Are you supposed to be here?
332 03-31-2015 17:51 by blackcat111:
How to convert MP4/AVI/WMV/etc format?
New posts indicator Getting to know the Grail
Thanks to some of our craziest Mad Scientists, we've now moved into our new and improved Asylum. Here's the place to talk about it.
91 04-22-2016 20:04 by Arthurio:
testing, one, two
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